Our Non Woven Geotextiles are comprised of strong polypropylene or Polyester staple fibers. They are designes to allow for drainage and soil filtration, separation, permanent erosion control, asphalt overlay, cushioning, and it can be widely used in railways, highways, sports halls, dams, hydraulic construction, tunnels, coastal beaches, land reclamation, environmental protection and other projects.




The Application of Geotextile's good air and water permeability enables water flow to pass through, and thus effectively retain the losses of sand and soil.


Geotexitle has good water guide performance, which can form drainage channels inside the soil body, and remove excessive liquid and gas to the outside.


The application of geotextile can strengthen the tensile strength and anti-deformation capability of soil body, fortify the stability of building structures, and improve the quality of soil body.


Effectively spread, transfer or decompose the concentrated stress, and prevent the soil body from being damaged by external force.


Avoid the mixing among gravels, soil body and concretes.


The mesh hole is not easy to blocked contingency and mobility should be possessed in the net-like structure formed by unshaped fiber organs.


High permeability- good water permeability can still be maintained under the pressure of soil and water.


Corrosion-resistance - take the polypropylene or polyester and other chemical fibers as raw material, featuring acid and alkali resistance, non-corrosion, moth attack resistance, and oxidization resistance.


Simple construction- light weight, easy application, and simple construction


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